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Top Retail Automation Solutions in Malaysia

Do you want your Malaysian retail store to be more efficient? If so one of the best options is automated solutions and here are some of the top Retail Automation Solutions in Malaysia from IRC retail automation solution:

  1. Responsive PoS

Another type of retail automaton is responsive point of sale (POS). In 2013, it accounted for over 90% of total retail volume in the US. More retailers are upgrading their current PoS systems due to factors like convenience and transparency. A solution that deals with both areas are mobile PoS. Small companies can use these apps cine it’s a cost-effective way to optimize their customers’ retail experience.

It’s even better when the PoS systems are mobile-friendly. Today customers are using their smartphones and tablets more than ever for shopping. That’s why this is one of the best options in terms of automating PoS systems.

  1. Customer Experience

When customers have a positive shopping experience it means they’ll be more likely to stay with your company. Automation can be an effective tool. There’s many examples of this phenomenon in the industry and sometimes just involved a small automation tool/system that helped to improve customer experience.

That in turn helps encourage customer to keep buying from your company, which is something you’ll definitely want. One of many examples is Starbucks’ mobile app that allows customers to pre-order items then get them at the nearest coffee shop. This prevents the need to wait in line, which is something want to avoid.

Automation provides various benefits for retailers. For example, it helps the company to learn about customers’ perception of the company’s brand image. It’s also a great option since you don’t have to automate all of the company’s processes. You can just automate the ones that provide the best results. It requires some testing to figure out which automation will help to produce the best results.

  1. Sales/Growth

According to IRC, a key benefit of Retail Automation Solutions in Malaysia is they can be effective in help to increase your company’s sales and growth. For example, you can improve quality and reduce costs, which can in turn help to boost your company’s sales, profits, and margins. These are some of the top goals of any company. When a company is able to operate more efficiently through methods like automation, it has a positive effect on various factors like sales.

  1. Engagement

Another type of automation your Malaysian retail company can consider is for engagement. This provides automated tools for getting feedback from your company. One option is to make shopping contest-driven. For example, you could offer customers products based on factors like location and weather. This is available from companies like 7-Eleven.

Another option is an email drip campaign. This automates email marketing. Some options include tracking open/response rates for email and suggestions and email headline. A drip campaign can handle these tasks and makes email content personalized.

Customer surveys are another way to automate engagement. This can provide insights from your customers and also help to boost engagement. If you’re trying to achieve both goals you should consider using automation for your retail company.

Penetration Testing Can Help to Reduce Vulnerability of Software

A penetration test of software is also called a pen test and is used to improve testing efficiency and to automate tasks. Such issues are often difficult to discover when analysis techniques are used manually.

Penetration testing can use either static analysis or dynamic analysis and these techniques allow to pinpoint security vulnerabilities, zero in on malicious code and discover poor functionality that often leads to security breaches. The testing software can determine the level of encryption and whether usernames or passwords allow for a backdoor entry to applications. Penetration testing can use binary scanning that gives accurate results for the test, and the methods used for the testing are being constantly refined and developed. The testing is effective if it produces fewer false positives so that software developers can concentrate on remedying the problems instead of looking for threats that may or may not be there.

According to Firmus,  penetration testing can also be carried out manually and this helps to add human expertise to the testing software. It allows for complete coverage of vulnerability and also helps to target risks that come from flaws in design, and business logic. Manual testing can ensure detection of all vulnerability and flaws in any software. Once vulnerabilities and threats have been detected and evaluated, the testing must address the risks that have been identified throughout all the code in the software.

It is essential that penetration testing be suitable to the size of an organization and its complexity. It is needed that the testing must include all key access points, network connections, key applications and sensitive data. The testing has to try and exploit weaknesses and vulnerability in the software that allows access to network level and applications. The aim of penetration testing is to determine the likelihood of unauthorized access to files and key systems. Once it is determined that such access is possible, the vulnerable points have to be secured and the testing must be continued till the test returns clean results that effectively excludes any malicious activity and any unauthorized access.

To start any penetration test, the goals and scope of the test must be defined and testing methods must be elucidated. It is necessary to have complete information about the mail server, domain, and network so that it becomes easier to understand its working and likely vulnerabilities. The software then needs to be scanned through static and dynamic analysis so that its working is understood, and its ability to withstand attempts at intrusion, assessed. The testing then uses backdoors, SQL injection and cross-site scripting to exploit vulnerabilities. The possibility of escalated privileges, stolen data, and traffic interception is gauged and the damage that can be caused is understood. At this stage, it is essential that the testing be able to determine the persistence of any exploitation of the system, as advanced threats can remain in a system for months and help to steal organizational data over time.

The penetration test results must then be analyzed so that the exploitation of specific vulnerabilities is understood, and identifying areas that allowed sensitive data to be accessed. The time that the tester is able to remain in the system without being detected gives an indication of its vulnerability and long-term security. Find out more at

Should You Consider Outsourcing Work To A Software Company In Malaysia?

Even if your company makes most of its money from one core product or service, you likely know as an owner or corporate leader that it’s not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. You probably sell things through multiple stores and channels to have more than one income stream coming in, and you likely make sure that for every employee you have, there are one or two more that can step in as back-ups in case of vacation days, terminations, or illness.

This concept of redundancy is smart, because it gives your company more legs to stand on, creating stability and security. If something goes wrong in one area, others can chip in. Your software needs are no exception. While you likely have good programmers working for you inside your business already, it’s good to diversify your resources in this area, and for that looking outside the country is a smart thing to do.

Looking past the shores of your home nation for a software company to help out your business is wise for three particular reasons. For starters, depending on where you are, the domestic software situation might be volatile or even tapped out. The software sector of your nation could be shorthanded on talent and even seeing prices for labor rise due to demand. Conversely, economic turbulence could also be hampering your local economy. If you’re in America, national political instability can roil the markets anytime, and if you’re in the United Kingdom, the looming specter of Brexit is hanging over everyone’s heads.

Secondly, international software resources can bring things to the table your own staff might not. The particular skills, ideas, concepts, and coding might be very different than what you usually get, which means far stronger options will result for your business. Diversity and creativity are expanded upon.

Third, when you use an international software company, it might just be cheaper than hiring your own full-time talent! Outsourcing to a third-party vendor or contractor means you can pay by project or service without having to worry about benefits, payroll, human resources, and the like.

Using a software company in Malaysia can work out well for many reasons over many other international locations. If you are in North America or Europe, the fact that Malaysia is on the other side of the world means you can have people working on things for you in the middle of your night so projects are done and ready for you when you come in the next morning.

Furthermore, language barriers are not going to be much of an issue. While the official language is not English, it is a recognized language and widely spoken. This harkens back to the days the country was a part of the British Empire. English proficiency in Malaysia is consistently ranked as second-best in all of Asia, and usually places in the top 15 of all countries around the entire world!

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