Do you want your Malaysian retail store to be more efficient? If so one of the best options is automated solutions and here are some of the top Retail Automation Solutions in Malaysia from IRC retail automation solution:

  1. Responsive PoS

Another type of retail automaton is responsive point of sale (POS). In 2013, it accounted for over 90% of total retail volume in the US. More retailers are upgrading their current PoS systems due to factors like convenience and transparency. A solution that deals with both areas are mobile PoS. Small companies can use these apps cine it’s a cost-effective way to optimize their customers’ retail experience.

It’s even better when the PoS systems are mobile-friendly. Today customers are using their smartphones and tablets more than ever for shopping. That’s why this is one of the best options in terms of automating PoS systems.

  1. Customer Experience

When customers have a positive shopping experience it means they’ll be more likely to stay with your company. Automation can be an effective tool. There’s many examples of this phenomenon in the industry and sometimes just involved a small automation tool/system that helped to improve customer experience.

That in turn helps encourage customer to keep buying from your company, which is something you’ll definitely want. One of many examples is Starbucks’ mobile app that allows customers to pre-order items then get them at the nearest coffee shop. This prevents the need to wait in line, which is something want to avoid.

Automation provides various benefits for retailers. For example, it helps the company to learn about customers’ perception of the company’s brand image. It’s also a great option since you don’t have to automate all of the company’s processes. You can just automate the ones that provide the best results. It requires some testing to figure out which automation will help to produce the best results.

  1. Sales/Growth

According to IRC, a key benefit of Retail Automation Solutions in Malaysia is they can be effective in help to increase your company’s sales and growth. For example, you can improve quality and reduce costs, which can in turn help to boost your company’s sales, profits, and margins. These are some of the top goals of any company. When a company is able to operate more efficiently through methods like automation, it has a positive effect on various factors like sales.

  1. Engagement

Another type of automation your Malaysian retail company can consider is for engagement. This provides automated tools for getting feedback from your company. One option is to make shopping contest-driven. For example, you could offer customers products based on factors like location and weather. This is available from companies like 7-Eleven.

Another option is an email drip campaign. This automates email marketing. Some options include tracking open/response rates for email and suggestions and email headline. A drip campaign can handle these tasks and makes email content personalized.

Customer surveys are another way to automate engagement. This can provide insights from your customers and also help to boost engagement. If you’re trying to achieve both goals you should consider using automation for your retail company.